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About me

After my struggles with failed fad diets, yo-yo weights, the husband-proclaimed hungry “tapeworm” that required feeding every 2-3 hours, and the realization that I was on my way to becoming a type 2 diabetic, I decided to do something about it for good.  

I didn’t know the first thing about how to cut out sugar and flour from my diet and google wasn’t a lot of help to find clear direction or specific sites for recipes that would work for me.  

I initially turned to keto cookbooks, bought a thousand unnecessary ingredients to fill my pantry, and then worked to figure out how to alter the recipes as I researched each ingredient and the biochemistry of nutrition.  

When I then turned to my best friend, Aimee Shugarman, she gladly joined the quest.  After a decade of developing family-favorite dessert recipes on her wildly popular food blog Shugary Sweets, she had been wanting to deliver something readers had been requesting for years: delicious sugar-free (and flour free) recipes everyone will love. 

Together we came up with no sugar/no flour recipes that were quick and easy, and of course DELICIOUS.  

We are excited to share our NO SUGAR NO FLOUR recipes with you.  Our goal is to serve up tried-and-tested recipes that are sugar-free and flour-free for those who want it by choice or by need. 

These recipes prove a tasty meal CAN be delicious without sugar or flour!  

The recipes might contain natural carbohydrates but will have added fat, protein, or fiber to help limit the absorption of sugars while keeping the other nutritious parts of the carbs.  

They are quick and easy and won’t cost you a fortune on hundreds of rare ingredients.  We know you are going to love them!

Thank you for cooking with us!

Rhonda & Aimee